Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tools of the Sun

Survival is as much about gear as it is about skills. As much as I'd like to say otherwise, our society has come to rely way to much on electronics. Most of us feel a sense of withdraw when we leave our cell phones at home. Imagine if you never had access to it again. We need them. And the truth is smart phones are very useful, even if there is no cellular reception left. Even if all of the towers have been torn down by zombies and no information is flying through the skies, our smartphones have a purpose. Not only is your phone a camera (extremely useful in many scenarios,) but it is a calendar, notepad, organizer, flashlight and many other things. Keeping your smart phone in case of the zombie apocalypse is essential. If there is still cellular service you can call for help or organize a resistance. If not, it's a very useful tool.

Maglight: It's a flashlight AND a weapon.
There is an issue with electronics in a post apocalyptic world, however. Power. Zombies don't need it, but you will. The mindless hordes are currently content to wander around going bump in the night. Personally? I like a flashlight. Now unless you're burning torches (unlikely, but fun) you are going to need power. The best source of power in a non-functioning power grid is solar energy. It's free, it's plentiful and it never runs out (unless it's raining or night.) Now, I know some of you are thinking, "But ZK, I don't have a solar power plant near me." Well you're correct, but you could.

Solar Panel Messanger Bag
Solar cells are not expensive, and they are getting cheaper by the day. Once you have a solar panel, it is a relatively simple process to attach it to a backpack or bag a run the wires to your devices. This will allow you to have unlimited power and give you the ability to recharge your phone or rechargeable batteries anywhere. It won't give you enough juice to power a laptop, but I doubt you'll need a laptop to survive against zombies.

If you are interested in constructing one of these wonderful survival bags for yourself you can find instructions here. It's not a hard process, but it is a bit complicated. If you'd rather just purchase a pre-assembled solar panel bag, my good friend and compatriot, Mr. X, has recommended the Eclipse Solar Bag. Eclipse Solar Gear has plenty of products to keep your gadgets powered after the zombies destroy our current infrastructure.

Keep your eyes open. Remember your training and you will survive.

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