Friday, February 11, 2011

RDF 3: Preparing Your Defense

Robots are a strange subject for me. I am fascinated by them. I think they have the potential for great things. The problem is that those great things may not involve us. Unlike zombies, which I know are coming and am prepared for, robots may never revolt. If they do, however, we should be prepared. With that in mind I give you our third installation of Robo-Defense Fridays.

Preparing Your Defense Against the Robotic Aggressor.
Notice the many weak spots
Every robot is different. They are created with their own strengths and specialties. Some will be very easy to dispatch. The AR-Drones, for example, are made of very flimsy materials and can be destroyed easily. A simple bat will completely demolish them. Any sufficiently small robot with propellers can be made ineffective simply by blocking or destroying at least one propeller.

Sent to the spice mines of Kessel
Bipedal robots have their own share of weak points. While they can move in a much more diverse terrain than treaded or wheeled robots, that come at the expense of having joints. Joints are necessary weak points in their structure. In order for the legs and arms to bend as needed for inadequate mobility they must be constructed in such a way that makes these joints prime targets for your weapons.

Who the hell thought this
was a good idea?
Then we have monstrosities such as this fellow. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to make an ai controlled tank? If you're looking for a weakness I can't help you. If you know of a weakness, please, for the love of god, share it. My only advice when confronting this terrifying beast is to run, hide and pray. Preferably upstairs. I don't know that stairs would stop it, but every bit helps.

If you have access to an EMP generator, that should disable any non military robot. Of course, against non-military robots conventional weapons should be effective anyway, so no need.

As a final note, if you see these guys, give up. You're already dead.
Sorry, the rest of the world is going with you.

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