Monday, February 7, 2011

Death is in the Details

Cure or cause?
As a man who aims to survive this coming winter of our discontent zombie attack, I prefer try to stay abreast of possible causes and defenses that could be involved with the ZPlague. To that end I tend to keep a keen eye on medical technology and advancement. Today I learned about a team of scientists who are working on a super-vaccine for every strand of the flu. The team is doing this by targeting the interior cells of the flu instead of attacking the ever mutating outer shell.

If successful, and if it works properly, this could provide an important breakthrough in zombie survival. If we can reliably and consistently attack the core of a virus to eliminate it, we may be able to use the same technology and techniques to vaccinate against the Zombie Plague. If we can prevent our families and friends from becoming zombies in the first place we will never have to break out our weapons. We can continue life in peace, while zombies are kept, like lab rats, in secure labs to be studied and experimented on. Perhaps the remaining scientists will be able to find a cure for those already infected.

If successful, but working improperly, this could turn out to be the cause of the ZPlague. If the vaccine begins attacking the underlying structure of the virus and accidentally causes it to mutate, we could have the beginnings of our very own man-made zombie apocalypse.

The Face of Evil
So this is a medical development that I will be following with hope and trepidation. What we really don't want is a strain of the Zombie Plague spread through flu-like means. Let us continue to hope that it will remain transferable only through body fluids, and not through touch or, worse yet, airborne means.

(Disclaimer: ZK is not a licensed medical doctor, nor does he claim to be. ZK may be completely mistaken on all points in this article. ZK assumes no liability for medical actions taken on his advice and believes that vaccines are important and essential for the healthy growth of children...assuming you are foolish enough to have a child so close to the coming apocalypse.)

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