Friday, February 18, 2011

RDF 4: Watson

The enemy
Over the past week I have considered several topics for today's lecture, but after the metal mind's most recent triumph how can I not talk about that IBM wonder of computational power, Watson? As you know, I have been rather skeptical about the idea of a robotic rebellion happening. No longer.

The face of our new Overlord.
As most of America has discovered while the rest of the world is becoming more and more embroiled in civil unrest and rebellion, robotics has struck a devastating blow against humanity. They have finally defeated us at our own game. Yes, that's right. Humanity's highest competition of trivia, humor, puns and language has been invaded by robots. Our two greatest Jeopardy heroes have been utter destroyed by an incredible combination of hardware and software.

Now, I'm truly amazed by this feat. The fact that the computer can understand, process and respond in natural language is incredible and terrifying. What is even more terrifying is that IBM plans on unleashing this magical monstrosity on the world of healthcare. Can you imagine poor, sweet old Grandma Mary having to deal with Dr. Watson? I would weep for the elder generation, if not for the looming Zombie Apocalypse. My one consolation in this situation is that the era of our new robotic overlords will not start until after the zombie apocalypse, and who knows. They may even step in to save us before enslaving us for all time.

This guy knows.

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