Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Of Survival and Self Sufficiency

They train, but their
superiors don't believe.
Faithful survivors, I know I've been away. This has been a time of change in my life. Previously I was working for a defense contractor. I worked with military fire team training. It was good work. I helped people survive, which is my real goal in life. About a month and a half ago I decided to set out on my own and go into business for myself. The military didn't see the urgency of the zombie threat. They still treat it like a joke or something from a science fiction movie.

We know the truth.

Over the past month I have been traveling to certain locations, in and out of the United States, recruiting and identifying locations for safe houses and rally points in the case of a zombie incursion. My travels will continue for the next year and a half or so. Now that I have settled into my new life, our lessons can continue.

Possible safe house/rally point.
During the past month I have not lost contact with all of you. I've spoken with a good number of potential survivors. They have had questions. Some I have answered. Some I took my time and considered. In either situation I took away a lot of potential material for lessons.

I am also now able to impart to you certain information you need to know that I was prohibited from providing before now. My contract prevented my from informing anyone of the scenarios we were working with. I am no longer under contract. Those scenarios and training tools will be yours to learn and use.

We WILL survive this.

I will show you how.

Safe Houses don't have to be miserable. If my travels happen to take me to
Bermuda while searching for potential recruits and Safe Houses, shouldn't I enjoy it?